Is there room for a Social Version of LinkedIn?

I always tell people if you want to be a success in technology, you take something disorganized and organize it. LinkedIn did that by taking the one-dimensional, old school paper resume and making it digital, with interactive work history, third party validation and degrees of connection. A powerful upgrade to the old paper resume that was first mailed, then faxed and finally met it’s end an e-mail attachment.

So, if LinkedIn has what you do from 9-5, where is the place that our life is organized and showcased for the good work we do from 5-9? 

We work so we can have money to live and do what we enjoy. Thankfully, for many people in America and around the world, enjoyment is found in giving back, helping those less fortunate and leaving the world a better place. So, I thought, if Linkedin exists to measure and value your work achievements, why is there is no social platform dedicated to value what we do socially and measure how that positively impacts the world?… In essence, why do we worry so much about our professional resume and give no time to build and keep our social resume…? 

Yotme is a platform for non-profits, individuals, and brands to produce events where people can meet and mingle around shared interests. The Yotme platform flips the idea of an event on it’s head. Most event software looks at an event as tables, chairs, catering, guests lists and entertainment, Yotme looks at events as people getting together and interacting around shared interests and has built a powerful set of tools for hosts and guests to get the most out of that experience… think what CRM is to sales, Yotme is to pioneering Social Relationship Management, SRM. 

Think about your social life and the events you will attend this summer. The invites are generally word of mouth or scattered amongst several different ticketing platforms, email inboxes, invitations platforms, Facebook, good old fashioned snail-mail invites or calendar. It’s disorganized and your social profile doesn’t exist. You probably don’t even know how much positive social impact you have in a year. Doesn’t it make sense that you have one place to act and accrue everything you do socially? A designated place to build and maintain your social profile. What about the people and interactions we have at these events? How do we track them so the next time we see a person we can call them by their name rather than, “hey dude”? We’ve all had that awkward moment. 

So, what if there was an events platform that showed you the interactive profile of everyone in attendance, before, during and after the event and allowed you to communicate with them? What if it sent you reminders before an event of people you’ve mingled with previously and the notes you took on them last time you met? What if there was a social platform that helped you organize and get more out of your social life; where old school paper business cards and relying on your memory were a thing of the past and notes reminders and profiles were all at your fingertips. 

Yes, we are taking individual social lives, organizing them and incentivizing and rewarding people for doing things in their free time that leaves the world a better place… if you are interested in joining us on this journey, download Yotme, follow me, send me a message, encourage your favorite non-profit or brand to join, host a party that benefits them and let’s start this movement!! 

– Barry Hinckley, CEO