Mt. Sinai Yotme Jimmy Buffett

Raising Mount Sinai: An evening of music for the frontline healthcare staff of Mount Sinai Health System

Take two entrepreneurs with huge hearts, the leading music venue in New York, a legend of the music industry and an incredible healthcare facility. Put them together and what have you got? Well, we’ll tell you…a force to be reckoned with. That’s what!

This all happened when Barry Hinckley (Yotme, CEO) and Gregg Schenker (ABS Real Estate) got together after seeing the increasingly horrifying news surrounding the plight of New York and decided they needed to do something about it.

Looking at their own organizations and friends, families, and colleagues around them, Barry and Greg quickly realized that they were bound by one thing. PEOPLE.

As Barry explains; “Yotme believes in the power of bringing people together to achieve a positive social impact. New York Real Estate Cares believes in the power of giving people a home. A place they feel proud of and a place where they can feel connected to those around them. Carnegie Hall believes in the creativity of people to bring hope, wellbeing, and happiness.”

“Together we decided that we had a role to play in bringing some love and support to Mount Sinai and its frontline healthcare staff. It has been more than 40 days since New York had its first COVID-19-positive case. Since then, Mount Sinai Healthcare System has become a formidable force. They have shown their prowess in the care of patients, their resourcefulness in expanding space, their creativity in protecting staff, and their innovation in research. Above all, they have shown their perseverance in fighting this pandemic. To continue fueling this progress, they need our support.”


So what happened next? After picking up the phone to Mount Sinai Healthcare System and calling in a favor (or ten) from the good people at Carnegie Hall, a “first of its kind” event was imagined and ‘Raising Mount Sinai’ was born with the date set for Tuesday, April 21 at 6:00-7:30 PM EST.

Why first of its kind? The event brings together musicians from all over the world to perform a virtual concert that features the legendary Jimmy Buffett and Carnegie Hall’s finest including; Joshua Bell, Larisa Martinez, Alisa Weilerstein and in addition world-renowned artists; Joey Niceforo, Tiffany Desrosiers, Greta Feeney, Jorge Glem and Sofia Rei among others…

How can you get involved?

That’s the easy part:

Go to and buy a ticket (Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. The non-tax-deductible portion of each ticket is $10)

Check your email an hour before the event for your private link to the show

Tune in at 6 PM EST on Tuesday, April 21st to enjoy

Throughout the evening and after the event, you will be able to show your appreciation for the frontline healthcare workers of the Mount Sinai Healthcare System by donating via Mount Sinai Healthcare Systems COVID-19 Response Donation Page.

The evening is sure to be a night to remember and a fitting tribute to the real-life heroes risking their lives to treat those suffering from COVID-19. Get your ticket now while you #enjoyandbringjoy