Anthony Spiratos Newport Dine Out

Newport Dine Out Announces Plan To Hire 100 Drivers Immediately

A message from Newport Dine Out CEO Anthony Spiratis:

We continue to grow by leaps and bounds week after week and we now have surpassed 50 restaurants on our take out delivery platform Newport Dine Out!

To keep up with this absolutely incredible demand, I am announcing that the company is taking the following measures effective immediately:
1.) A massive hiring spree of 100 drivers! If you want to earn money on a flexible schedule driving for us, please text us at 1-401-533-3705.
2.) I am working on a deal with a company that will provide us cutting edge software to completely revolutionize our ordering system to speed up and sync orders right into restaurants POS systems, thus eliminating the need to phone-in orders to busy restaurants when we receive them. This upgrade will allow restaurants to receive orders at the same time we do, and our call center will be able to prioritize the assignment of drivers to ready-orders and purely focus on answering customer questions. This will be amazing during dinner rush when last night we were getting dozens of orders coming in right after another.
3.) Our company’s goal is to hire 1,000 new drivers within the next 3 months to cover the rest of the State! We want to help as many laid off restaurant & hospitality workers, and those who are out of work or have seen their hours cut back. We also would like to help as many restaurants across this island and our State increase their profits despite state restrictions.
We are free for the restaurants to use and we always will be. That is why this company was founded and its sole purpose is to help save the restaurant industry during these tough times and beyond.
4.) We are proud to announce that we made our first distribution yesterday to The Potter League for Animals and will be making another distribution to the MLK Community Center soon. We were able to help fund their new call center last year! We are proud to support these two amazing local charities!
Anthony adopted Riley from The Potter League in 2012.


To our customers if you should have any sort of issue with our service, please don’t hesitate to text us at 1-401-533-3705 and either myself or a member of our team will get back to you right away to resolve it to the best of our ability.
Thank you to my dedicated team members for stepping up last night to handle the increased workload & to all of our customers on Aquidneck Island & Jamestown. Together we can navigate this challenging pandemic and continue to help our local restaurant industry get back onto their feet again.

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