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Newport Dine Out Sister Company, Erith Outings, To Make $5 Million Investment In Hospitality Industry

Good morning, I’m Anthony Spiratos, I am the Founder & CEO of Newport Dine Out. I am very pleased to make a major new announcement that will positively impact the hospitality industry across the Newport area and our State. My company Newport Dine Out has officially launched a sister company named Erith Outings that will help reshape and revitalize our struggling hospitality industry.

Wintertime can be extremely hard on the hospitality industry but tonight we stand ready to offer something truly special to help the many facets of the hospitality industry, from restaurants, to wineries, to breweries, hotels and ski resorts. We will be working with many different establishments across Rhode Island, New England, Nationally and Canada.

We will be making a $5 Million Initial Investment by our company. We will start this initial investment here in Newport and rapidly expand outward from there. This Initial Investment will be to purchase 2,000 Luxuriously Appointed, Heated Outdoor Dining Igloos! Designed By Our Creative Team!

These Igloos Offer A World Class Dining Experience To The Customer At No Cost To Your Establishment!

We Stand Ready To Help The Struggling Hospitality Industry Here in Rhode Island & Nationally.

Here are the details of what we officially will be offering and how it works:

First and foremost, it is COMPLETELY FREE FOR YOUR ESTABLISHMENT AND ALWAYS WILL BE! Just like Newport Dine Out NEVER charges restaurants we won’t be taking one cent from the hospitality industry.

Secondly, the igloos we provide are Fire Marshal approved!

When we started Erith Outings, we did so on the premise that it would help save the hospitality industry. We accomplish this by providing establishments with a way to capitalize on outdoor igloo dining without any upfront costs.

We will build you an easy to use reservation system that will give you control over bookings for the luxuriously appointed outdoor dining igloos for free. This reservation system is very easy to use, and operates the same as it would for indoor dining. We require that you put a link on your web site to the reservation platform that we will build for you. Here customers can book and pay the upfront $5/person cost that goes to us to book the igloos. The $5/person goes directly to us and does not require any commingling of your establishment’s funds. If a guest calls you to book, you’ll easily be able to book them using the platform we built for you. We provide you with technological logistics support whenever needed. We are always just a phone call away where you can always talk to a member of our executive team.

Not only do we loan you as many outdoor dining igloos as you need, our creative design team, lead by Desiree Magner will decorate them for you. This includes all furnishings for the igloos on loan free of charge. Our top notch design team will work with you so that the final product will capture everything you’re trying to accomplish and more, so you can maximize your profits.

Our igloos can fit up to 8 people in them. We will also loan you an outdoor portable heater for each igloo. Our team will assemble all igloos for free. If you ever need to discontinue the igloo service, we will disassemble the igloos and remove them from the premises. If there’s ever a problem or damage to the igloo, our team can assist you and replace anything that needs to be replaced.

We aren’t just a company that provides igloos and a few tables and chairs. Be prepared to be dazzled with what we can do creatively with our world class team that is sure to impress your customers and be the talk of your town!


If you’re an owner of a restaurant, hotel, winery, brewery in the Newport area or in Rhode Island we’d love to hear from you. If you meet the criteria and volume we look for we’d love to help you. Contact us at 401-533-3705 or email us at for a quick and easy consult. Our website is

– Anthony Spiratos, Founder & CEO of Newport Dine Out


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