Daisy Briggs
Photo Credit: Hannah Hall

Newport’s Daisy Briggs releases “Once Upon a Time in a Small Town” Official Music Video

Following up on the release of her debut single, Daisy Briggs has released the official music video for “Once Upon a Time in a Small Town.”



“Once Upon a Time in a Small Town” presents a compelling tale of summer love and loss in a tiny, oceanside town. “The song’s main themes are romance and nostalgia,” says Briggs. “The feeling of looking back and remembering a time when you could be in love just for a summer and then move on with your life. I was imagining how that brief, incredible connection—the kind of summer fling that sticks with you—might always be alive in the small town where it happened.”

“Once Upon a Time in a Small Town” celebrates the bittersweet beauty of summer love and its inevitable end, through tight and emotionally stirring lyrical lines: “We can’t fix it / we only existed / once upon a time in a small town.”

The song’s storyline is set in the artist’s hometown of Newport, Rhode Island, where Briggs grew up with a menagerie of rescued pets and various farm animals before moving to Nashville at 18 to pursue a career in country music. The track’s vibrant, catchy melodies highlight Brigg’s uniquely pure vocal style, reminiscent of artists like Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert, enhanced by driving, radio-friendly beats and glossy production by producer Jake Saghi (Kidd G, Leah Marie Mason). But despite its polished facade, “Once Upon a Time in a Small Town” is, at heart, an intimately narrative country song, following the trajectory of a fictional relationship inspired by countless similar instances of real-life love and loss. “Newport is the kind of town that comes alive in the summers,” says Briggs. “It’s also the kind of place where most people grow up, settle down, and never leave. So the ones who do have to leave things behind.

The first of several forthcoming singles from Daisy Briggs, “Once Upon a Time in a Small Town” is now available for streaming and purchase on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and other streaming services.

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