Daisy Briggs

Newport’s Daisy Briggs Drops New, Pop-Country Ballad “Broke My Own Heart”

It’s Not You, It’s Me: Nashville Artist Daisy Briggs, a native of Newport, RI, drops New, Pop-Country Ballad “Broke My Own Heart”

Known for her bright, pop-infused country music, Nashville artist and songwriter Daisy Briggs, a native of Newport, RI, released her sophomore single, “Broke My Own Heart,” on October 15, 2021. Co- written by Briggs with Lauren Weintraub, Meredith Rounsley, and Tom Conlee at a Nashville songwriters retreat in 2018, the track is driven by detailed, down-to-earth lyrics about love lost, fusing the easy spirit of pop ballads with the narrative soul of classic country lovesongs.

With the release of debut single “Once Upon a Time in a Small Town” in September, Briggs introduced her unique talent for crafting engaging stories of friendship, heartache, joy, and anxiety, blending depth with spontaneity in scenes pulled directly from real life. Inspired by pop- country artists like Miranda Lambert, Sheryl Crow, and Sam Hunt, her pure vocal tone and warm, candid presence resonate with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Her second single, “Broke My Own Heart,” was produced by Jake Saghi (Kidd G, Leah Marie Mason), balanced by a backdrop of acoustic and electric guitar, drums, bass, banjo, and pedal steel. Part tribute and part apology, the song lyrics tell the story of a relationship let go, showcasing Briggs’s characteristic brand of straightforward, accessible poetry. “It’s a very personal story for me—a kind of apology to someone I once dated who did everything right. It’s about the things I wish I could take back,” says Briggs. “Sometimes you think you’re making the right decision, but in retrospect, you realize you’ve let fear dictate your actions. I was afraid of letting someone get close to me, so not only did I hurt him; I broke my own heart, too.”

“Broke My Own Heart” was released with an accompanying music video, shot by David Bradley of Osprey Media (Alana Springsteen, Zac Brown, Brett Eldredge). The narrative video features scenes filmed in specific locations around Nashville where events in the song took place, including Belmont University, where Briggs attended college. “I tried to make the video as true as possible to who I was at twenty-two, with little clues here and there about the details of my life and my mindset at that time. I'm in a very different place now.”

The second of several forthcoming singles from Briggs, “Broke My Own Heart” is available for streaming and purchase on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and other streaming services.

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