Raimondo announces that ALL out-of-state vehicles will be forced to stop upon entering Rhode Island

Governor Gina Raimondo announced Sunday that Rhode Island will now not only only be pulling over New Yorkers driving in and around the State of Rhode Island but ALL out of state drivers will be forced to stop at our southern border and must quarantine for a mandatory 14 days.

On Saturday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to sue Rhode Island over Raimondo’s executive order target New York vehicles. As a result, now all out of state vehicles will be stopped. 

All out of state passenger vehicles will be required to register with the RI National Guard and the Ri State Police. That information will be forwarded to the RI Department of Health. Raimondo said plans are in motion to help those in quarantine obtain essential supplies.

Raimondo also announced one new deaths and 35 news cases bringing the state’s total to 294. 35 are hospitalized and there are now cases in three Rhode Island nursing homes.

All child care licenses will be suspended until April 4th and the RI DMV is extending all suspensions by 90 days for licenses and registrations due to expire in the months of March and April.