Fort Adams Ghost Hunters

The Ghost Hunters Investigate Fort Adams

The Ghost Hunters team travels to Fort Adams in Newport, R.I., where they investigate three deadly events, none of which involved battle casualties.

On this episode of Ghost Hunters, the team heads to Newport, Rhode Island to hunt through the historic Fort Adams. Client and caretaker Rob McCormack has two main concerns about the phantoms at Fort Adams. Robert finds the claims that people have made unsettling: poking, jabbing and rocks being thrown at them. Are the staff members and visitors to the Fort safe? Secondly, if there are ghosts in the location, who are they? Could the ghost of the soldier who was beaten to death by a comrade after an argument in the 1800’s be the culprit? Or perhaps the spirit of the jealous soldier in the 1920’s who shot his unfaithful wife (she survived) and then killed himself is still roaming the grounds. Then there was the corporal who got into an argument with a friend and threw rocks at him. The friend then turned and shot him point blank. Yikes! These spirits may also be responsible for the footsteps, apparitions, doors opening and closing and other activity in the Fort.

The team shares some interesting experiences. KJ and Dustin hear footsteps and shuffling in the bakery, then something pulls heavily on his jacket. That matches the client’s claims. Later, KJ got touched again in the tunnels and the video captured it. Sam and Jason heard knocking noises, whimpering sounds that were picked up on reveal. They also heard a child’s voice saying something similar to “you’re not supposed to see me”.

There was further audio footage of whispering, but the words are indecipherable. Meanwhile, the GoPro camera Dave installed at the beginning of the hunt, picked up sounds of footsteps down the hallway where soldiers would be marching back in the day.

What a great investigation. But the team assures that there’s no reason to fear, none of the activities picked up are threatening.