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(WATCH) Ghost Hunters Investigate Newport’s Belcourt Castle


Belcourt Castle in Newport, RI is a large Louis XIII style estate that has a rich line of owners, starting with Oliver Belmont and his wife Alva Vanderbilt, Elaine and Louis Lorillard, Donald and Harle Tinney and today it’s owned by Alex & Ani founder Carolyn Rafaelian

There have been many reported hauntings over the years.

  • A young, female tour guide, while leading a group of visitors through the French Gothic Ballroom, heard a male voice tell her several times to “Get Out!” All during that summer season, she felt uncomfortable, and didn’t come back the next season.
  • A male entity seems to appear in full monk attire; brown robe and hood, and wander around wherever his statue is located. He first appeared at the end of the bed in Donald and Harle’s bedroom, in semi-solid state, wearing a monk’s robe and hood. When his statue was located near the first floor ladies room, his figure was seen walking out of the nearby Grand Hall and into the lady’s room. This entity communicated through Virginia, and told of his wishes to be moved into the chapel.  After being moved into the chapel, a visitor saw his solid form preparing for a mass in the chapel.  She asked Harle Tinney when the mass was going to be held.  Imagine her surprise when she found out the truth, and that she had seen the spirit of the monk!
  • The angry spirit of the knight relives his death, when a spear was thrown through his helmet visor. It was not a pleasant death.  His screams and shrieks of agony are heard by staff and the Tinney family for many years, especially during the month of March, when he was killed. His spirit communicated with Virginia, and told her that he had been left for dead by his fellow knights, so he died alone of his wounds. During tours, his helmet is said to turn by itself to check out these strangers in the room.
  • A lady in a ball gown has been seen on the second floor gallery.
  • An older woman in pink attire has been appearing in the Harle Tinney’s bedroom on occasion, perhaps it’s Ruth Tinney visiting her daughter-in-law.

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