Water Brothers to host pro surfing tournament this weekend at 2nd Beach

The ‘Water Brothers Pro 2016’ in Memory of Ryan  Roberts will be held at Second Beach on Saturday, October 22nd or Sunday 23rd. 

Official date is wave reliant and will be announced in the days before the contest. Contestants, participants and spectators should follow the Water Brothers Pro site and their Facebook and Instagram for updates.

A $5000 Purse is set for the OPEN PRO with cash prizes for the top eight contestants.

First Prize Winner- $2500

– 48 Surfers are welcome to enter the OPEN PRO.

– Registration opens Saturday, August 20th 2016.

– Contestants will be announced after lineup is filled.

– An Alternates registration will be requested after initial lineup is filled.

– On the official contest day first heat starts at 7AM.

– Opening round will consist of 48 surfers / 4 surfers per heat / Top 2 surfers in each heat advance to next round until final!

Top level judges will score the Water Brothers Open Pro.

An Invitational Shortboard / Longboard AM-JAM will take place between the semi-finals and finals of the OPEN PRO event. Sponsored by Tora Surfboards and CorVac Surfboards, the Invitational AM-JAM will welcome 8 pre-selected Shortboarders and 8 pre-selected Longboarders to compete in individual heats.

Surfboard prizes to be awarded for AM-JAM Winners!

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