Responding to the recent, scathing “2016 Sheeple” Index report, a collaboration between the non profit taxpayer advocacy groups and the RI Center for Freedom and Prosperity, which revealed that incumbent freshman representative, Lauren Carson, voted 99.2% in lock step with the Speaker, Independent candidate for District 75, Mike Smith issued the following statement.

“The information in this report is both shocking and revealing,” Stated Smith. “Carson voted 99.2% of the time with the speaker during 2016 over a span of 482 votes. This is undeniable proof that Ms. Carson is owned by the Speaker. It also means that the voters of District 75 have, literally, been without representation at the state house for the past two years because the Speaker controls her votes.”

“If you think about it, no one agrees with anyone 99.2% of the time. I mean, married couples love one another but only agree about 60% of time! There clearly is something ethically and morally corrupt going on here.” Smith continued: “Two years ago Ms. Carson promised to be a voice for the people and they trusted her with one of the most sacred things they have — their vote. Only 24 months later we discover that she is one of the 5 worst ‘sheeple’ in the House. When we think about how Carson promotes constituent meetings as a demonstration of her commitment to her constituents, and then still votes how the Speaker tells her over 475 times in just one year, we can’t help but feel lied to and betrayed.

When someone says one thing and does something drastically different, the late Maya Angelou’s words ring true; ‘When people show you who they are, believe them.’ Well, Representative Carson’s voting record clearly shows that we are not her priority – the Speaker and the special interests are. We must believe what Carson’s actions show us, rather than her words.

In closing Smith said: “I think Mike Stenhouse, CEO of the Center, said it best when he stated: ‘The statistics in this report represent a stunning pattern of elected officials blindly following the leader. Voters this November must decide if this is how they want their government to be run.’ I think this new information makes the decision for House District 75 very clear.”