Newport City Councilor At-Large John Florez has proposed a resolution to implement a city-wide, comprehensive camera surveillance program. The resolution notes that surveillance cameras have been shown to have an immediate effect on deterring crime and surveillance cameras have helped solve countless crimes and have served as an added tool for law enforcement.

The proposal has the backing of the Broadway Neighborhood Association and numerous businesses throughout the city.

“This initiative is about quality of life; quality of life for residents, business owners and visitors to Newport, RI who will reap the benefits of a safer and more secure community,” said Councilman Florez.

According to a report by CNN – As the volume and quality of cameras and sensors are ramped up, cities are turning to more advanced face- and object-recognition software to makes sense of the data.

Facial-recognition software and other technologies are making security-camera images more valuable to law enforcement. Now, software can automatically mine surveillance footage for information, such as a specific person’s face, and create a giant searchable database.

Councilor Florez’s resolution calls for the city administration to explore funding options and to report back to the council within 90 days.

The full resolution reads as follows:
Newport Ri Surveillance Camera Resolution Florez