via NBC 10

A Cranston employee has resigned after a man was dressed up as an elderly woman for a press conference.

Sue Stenhouse, the executive director of the Senior Enrichment Center, recently parted ways with the city following an incident at a press conference at which a male bus driver was dressed up as an elderly woman.

Stenhouse, who earned $54,491 per year, persuaded the man to dress up a like a woman to make it look good for the press.
The video and pictures from the Jan. 5 press conference show the man standing next to Stenhouse and Mayor Allan Fung.

The man was wearing a dress, earrings, lipstick and a wig. He was posing as a senior during the event.

Fung’s office told NBC 10 News that Stenhouse resigned and that they cannot comment on personnel matters.

NBC 10 News is working on contacting Stenhouse.

This is the most amazing ‘Only in Rhode Island’ story ever! I mean it’s not such a big deal that they packed the event for optics, that happens every day. But to make a middle aged man dress as an elderly woman fully takes the cake.

What were they thinking? It was a stupid press conference about shoveling out old people. This dude looks like he could shovel Edgewood all by himself!

As luck would have it, we have uncovered the video of this guy getting ready for the press conference.

No don’t get me wrong, cross dressing and transgenderism is all the rage these days but the only way the mayor can save face is for this city employee to go full retard  grandma and start identifying as Grandma Gladys.

This just begs one question.