Trump sign woman's chest

Donald Trump Is The Happy Gilmore Of The Presidential Campaign!

* Throwback post to when Trump was funny!

via GQ – Donald Trump is Happy Gilmore. Just like the Adam Sandler character, he’s a little crazy and seemingly full of anger issues. He’s gone into a world full of snobs and “The Establishment” and pissed everybody off, while somehow “winning” a lot. (I use quotes only because we haven’t reached any actual primaries.) And just like Happy Gilmore, Trump now has a scene where he signs a woman’s chest.

Remember when Happy did it?

But in all fairness, Trump also has a bit of Shooter McGavin in him too!

Can’t you totally see him saying this?

and he totally would sleep with your girlfriend AND your grandmother…

and come to think of it, he has a bit of Judge Smails in him too!

Hey Donald, can I have a job?

Anyway, time to make America great again!

Make america great again