Father John Misty (also known as J. Tillman) is coming back to Newport! The singer songwriter known for his mystical and eclectic sets was raised in an Evangelical Christian household in Rockville, Maryland and before settling on a career as a musician, Father John briefly had ambitions of becoming a pastor because of the performance aspect when he was approximately six years old. He comments that his parents focused on the spiritual aspects of his upbringing, which he describes as “culturally oppressive”. They were estranged for many years, but have since resumed contact. After learning drums at a young age, Father John learned guitar when he was 12.

Father John wowed the Newport crowds with an incredible set on the harbor stage in 2013.

Here’s how the Boston Herald described that set.

The cult of Father John Misty reached a feverish pitch after his “what the hell just happened” performance at the Newport Folk Festival one hot July day in 2013. Arriving onstage drinking strawberry moonshine, the indie darling seemed to adopt the persona of an egocentric Jim Morrison-like rock star, smoking like a fiend and spouting one sarcastic comment after another. He swiveled his hips, danced on the drum riser and threw a guitar to the floor. He made fun of corporate sponsors and delivered one brilliant song after another.


Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings. One thing’s for sure, it won’t be boring!

Father John plays on Saturday, July 23rd.