To the Editor,

I am writing in full support of the candidacy of Mike Smith, the independent candidate for the District 75 House seat. I had the pleasure of holding that seat for six years. I know exactly what it takes to do the job, both within the community and at the Rhode Island State House.

I did not know Mike Smith prior to him asking my advice many months ago regarding his candidacy for office. Since that time, I have gotten to know Mike and his many supporters from diverse political backgrounds. As an independent candidate, he is now receiving support from Democrats, Republicans and other independents both locally and statewide.

I have been in the company of Mike and his supporters many times during his campaign. I have been encouraged to see that he has the personality to engage well with others. More importantly, I respect that he is taking the ‘high road’ and not running a negative campaign.

Mike is a young, successful independent businessman. He is not employed by, nor indebted to, any special interest group or organization.

I am also comforted by the fact that my decision to support Mike Smith has been favorably received by members of the General Assembly, many current and former local elected officials and most of my former constituents.

It is time to have a representative who will give more than lip service to ‘putting Newport first’.

Based upon my experience, I urge the constituents of District 75 to vote for Mike Smith.

Peter Martin

Former District 75 Representative