via – Mike Smith for Senate

After a hard-fought primary on Tuesday, the most extreme liberal on the left won – Dawn Euer. Bought by special interests, including the pro-abortion lobby that spent over $10,000 on her behalf, her campaign now hopes that they can slide her into the State House and push their anti-growth, anti-business and anti-family agenda forward. Commenting on Tuesday’s results, Mike Smith said: “As a fellow candidate, I want to thank the other candidates in Tuesday’s primary for their commitment to democracy.  I also want to encourage their supporters to stay involved and rally around what is best for Jamestown and Newport – a voice of reason who is not bought by special interests. I encourage them to rally around my candidacy because the stakes are just too high, and the results of this primary were clear: even most of the Democrats voted for a candidate besides an extremist like Euer.”

Commenting further, Smith said the following: “After knocking on thousands of doors and holding more than a dozen events in Jamestown and Newport, it is clear to me that I, not Dawn Euer and her liberal policies, hold the values and priorities of Jamestown and Newport voters. They need and want a candidate who is laser-focused on helping everyone have a better standard of living – someone with a vision for a year-round economy and an environment that keeps families growing in our communities while lowering our tax burdens.  Someone who understands that voters are real people and puts them first and not special interest groups.   I’m confident the voters know this and will vote for me as our new senator with a clear prosperous vision for Newport and Jamestown and all of Rhode Island on August 22nd.”

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