They made this ass clown the top vote getter in their caucus.

So you can tell a lot about someone by how they act when no one’s looking.

Like when you’re a douchebag freshman in college and 30 years later your college roommate still hates you.

Here’s what Ted Cruz’s freshman roommate has to say about him.

And how about Ted talking about his ass sweat?

This dude following Cruz around on the campaign trail. Troll level, expert!

Jeb running away and Christie just outright ignoring him.

ted cruz
But you know how you can tell when someone is truly detestable? When his kids don’t even like him!

Now we’ve ALL met someone who is just such an apple shining, detestable little prick that always seems to get his way. Ted Cruz is that guy. You don’t want THAT guy to be President of the United States. You don’t. If this ass clown becomes president then we’re all fucked screwed!

Well at least there is good news!