A1 Roofing to Donate 75 turkeys to the MLK Jr. Community Center’s Thanksgiving food drive!

Newport based A1 Roofing will donate 75 turkeys to assist the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center’s Thanksgiving food drive.  The turkeys were just part of a larger effort to help stock the Dr. Marcus Wheatland Boulevard based center for families in need at the start of the holiday season.

 “A1 Roofing has a lot to be thankful for as we had a good year so we thought why not help out families in need and the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center is the perfect distribution point,” stated A1 Roofing founder and owner Sean Napolitano. “Given how just a short while ago the center’s shelves were almost bare, A1 Roofing wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case at the beginning of this family focused holiday season,” he added.

About A1 Roofing:

Founded in 2007 by Sean Napolitano A1 Roofing and Construction is headquartered on Bliss Road in Newport, RI.