Breaking News: Spencer Viner puked all over himself and dropped the lawsuit against Christian Winthrop when the ACLU showed up!

Our long national nightmare is over and the U.S. Constitution will sleep safe and sound tonight!

Spencer Viner and his army of pencil-neck geek lawyers puked all over themselves today when they learned that the ACLU was on board to help me protect the U.S. Constitution from their anti American power grab. They were so afraid and knew that they were about to get the dicks rubbed in the dirt, that they went running down to the Federal Court today with their tails between their legs to remove me from their frivolous lawsuit.

Big thanks to Steven Brown and Lynette Labinger from the ACLU for all of their hard work and helping put this 100% frivolous lawsuit in the trash where it belongs.

On a serious note, you never know when the hand of tyranny is going to reach out and try to keep you down and violate your rights. Please consider contributing to the ACLU to help the next victim that some litigious scumbag will undoubtedly try to hurt.

Christian Winthrop ACLU