Christian Winthrop COVID Cooking Episode 10

COVID Cooking with Christian Winthrop: Episode 10 – Sea Fog Rye Whiskey Filet Mignon

On Episode 10 of COVID Cooking with Christian,  I make a Newport Craft Sea Fog Rye Whiskey Filet Mignon with Bacon,  Potatoes Au Gratin, and a Vegetable Medley.

Episode 10 is also Episode 1 of Kitchen Crashing with Christian and Moving Mansions for Moguls, as I undoubtedly become Newport’s most revered home slinger of this generation.

Oh also, I get completely hammered by the end of the episode after drinking most of the bottle of the Sea Fog Rye Whiskey and half a bottle of FitVine Wine.


– edited by Kat Goss





PS – If you want to learn more about Hinckley House, you can go here! (EDIT – SOLD)