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CDC Scraps Universal Indoor Masking Recommendation Including In America’s Schools

The CDC on Friday introduced new guidelines and scrapped universal indoor Covid masking recommendations for 70% of the United States including our schools.

The new CDC guidelines help counties calculate low, medium or high Covid risk and whether steps such as mask wearing should be taken.

Previously, masks were recommended for people in areas of high transmission, which accounted for about 95% of US counties. But now the CDC will also factor in hospitalization rates and infirmary capacities before issuing mask recommendations. 

Under the new guidelines, most US counties no longer meet the threshold where indoor masking in public is recommended. 

“We want to give people a break from things like mask-wearing,” said CDC director Rochelle Walensky at a press briefing Friday. “We are in a stronger place today as a nation to protect communities from Covid-19.”




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