Tavern on Broadway Newport RI

Here’s the solution to the impending lockdowns and saving Rhode Island’s economy!

So it’s no secret that Rhode Island’s Covid numbers have been rising rapidly over the last few weeks and Governor Raimondo is certain to impose further restrictions on the population. In fact, today the RI DOH reported 1,280 new positive cases, our one day case total record high.

What should Governor Raimondo, who has been hinting at further restrictions for the last couple weeks, do to balance the health of our population with the health of our economy?

Here’s an idea. Governor Raimondo has set a >5% positive rate as the threshold for further restrictions on businesses, gathering, etc. So let’s do this. Let’s keep all of the businesses in the communities with a 5% positivity rate or less fully open and impose the pending restrictions on the communities that truly need the help.

If more restrictions are to be imposed, then let’s impose them on these communities.

and let’s keep it business as usual in these communities.

Sounds fair, right? You’re welcome! Problem solved and economy saved.

In the meantime, get out there, go out for a meal, and shop at our local businesses to do your part to save our local economy before we all get shut down again!!!

Christian Winthrop for Governor 2022!