New Bedford Radio DJ Breaks Quarantine, Comes To Newport, Brags About It And Recommends Her Audience Do The Same

Christine Fox, a DJ for Fun 107 in New Bedford , MA has written a blog post bragging about breaking quarantine and coming to Newport last weekend to “go for a long walk along the ocean.”  Don’t believe me? You can read the post here or better yet you can comment on the article on their Facebook page. (EDIT Fun107 puked all over themselves and deleted the article)

Now before you all get up in arms about a Massachusetts resident (her bio says she lives on the south shore) breaking quarantine and potentially infecting all of Aquidneck Island with gross New Bedford COVID germs, it’s important to know that Christine is probably the only person on the planet having difficulty with the quarantine.

Christine explains, “these last few weeks of isolation and social distancing have become increasingly more difficult for me. I’m used to a number of trips to different stores after work and on the weekends. I miss my hair appointments, manis and pedis, waxing and facial appointments too. Help!”

Ugh, Can you imagine? What’s a person to do?

Well if you’re Chistine Fox, you break quarantine, hop in your car and walk around our neighborhoods!

Why is that?

“We decided to get out of town for a change in scenery,” Ms. Fox writes,  “And it felt so good.”

“It’s amazing what a long (sic) on Bellevue Ave in Newport can do for your mindset during this pandemic we’re all facing right now,” Fox continued. “We also took a long drive up and back down Ocean Drive right alongside the ocean.”

Ooh fancy. Bellevue Avenue AND the Ocean Drive?

But don’t worry folks, this story has a very happy ending and maybe we’ll be seeing lots of Ms. Fox’s audience members this weeked.

Fox concludes, “It was so nice. It really got us out of the “rut” we are kind of stuck in. While cooped up during our time of quarantine, I recommend a breath of Newport air to all of my friends and anyone else who wants to listen.”

Glad we could help, Christine!

Just one teeny tiny favor in the favor in the future…

Stay the fuck at home




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