(Podcast) That Newport Show: Parlor, NIMRI, and Podcasting

that newport show

Newport is a small community with a large reach. People and businesses settle here because of the city’s charm, coastal location, and sophistication – without the congestion of big city life. This means we have a lot of top-notch local talent.

Helena recently spent an evening at Parlor on Broadway, talking to a group of professionals who were interested in podcasting. She was surprised by a number of things at this gig – things that came right up against her attitudes about Newport, networking, and even herself. Listen in for a new Dine & Dish, to find out about podcasting, and what went down before, during, and after the event hosted by Newport Interactive Marketing!   

Photo: Parlor Bar Newport

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THAT NEWPORT SHOW is a weekly podcast sharing the stories and characters that make Newport, Rhode Island America’s favorite city by the sea.

With each episode, hosts Buck & Helena share their Newport experiences in segments like Dine & Dish, Adventure Island, and Shop Newport.

blackandwhiteBuck and Helena are a couple of old punks who survived what they call “the toddler years” (plus a few extra). As they slowly regain their sanity, this smart and silly couple are once again venturing out into the world to get their party on. They may be a bit slower these days, but they are also a lot wiser. And honestly, a lot more fun. Read more about your hosts.

While That Newport Show features a lot of what Newport has to offer both visitors and residents, the essence of show is about two grown-ups who really have no business being grown-ups, and the things they get up to in Newport – as well as at home on their small New England horse farm.

Each week the Sparkle and Boom Podcast Network airs a new episode. You can stream or download episodes from our website, or listen on iTunesGooglePlayStitcher Radio, or your favorite podcatcher app.  We hope you’ll join us!