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Rhode Island Lawmakers Propose Legislation to Extend Temporary Caregiver Insurance

In a bid to enhance support for Rhode Island families, Senate Majority Whip Valarie Lawson and Representative Joshua J. Giraldo are leading the charge in sponsoring legislation that seeks to extend Rhode Island’s Temporary Caregiver Insurance (TCI) program from six weeks to 12 weeks. This move aligns with efforts in other states and aims to afford new parents extended parental leave while providing caregivers with additional time to tend to critically ill family members.

Senator Lawson (D-Dist. 14, East Providence) underscored the significance of the proposed legislation, stating, “This legislation provides the invaluable resource of time at pivotal points in the lives of Rhode Islanders. All should have the opportunity to care for a loved one.” The proposed legislation, identified as 2024-S 2121 and championed by Senator Lawson, not only extends the duration of TCI but also broadens the definition of critically ill family to encompass grandchildren, siblings, and “care recipients,” referring to individuals for whom the worker serves as the primary caretaker. Representative Giraldo (D-Dist. 56, Central Falls) mirrors this effort with the introduction of the same legislation in the House, known as 2024-H 7171.

Representative Giraldo emphasized the need to address gaps in TCI coverage, stating, “Too many workers aren’t currently covered by TCI because the definition of a family member is overly restrictive. This bill will ensure that workers who need to care for their siblings, grandchildren, and dependents won’t need to worry about falling through the cracks.”

Notably, the United States stands among only six countries globally, and notably the sole wealthy nation, without guaranteed paid parental leave, according to the Bipartisan Policy Center. In response to this gap, some states have taken the initiative to establish their own programs.

Rhode Island took a pioneering step in 2013 by becoming the third state in the nation to offer paid parental leave through the creation of the TCI program. This program, funded through payroll deductions, currently allows new parents to take six weeks of paid leave to bond with and care for their child. It also extends to individuals who need time to care for a seriously ill family member, proving crucial for working adults attending to spouses after surgeries or terminally ill parents.

However, since its inception in 2013, many other states have surpassed Rhode Island’s leave offerings. Presently, 11 states and the District of Columbia provide paid parental leave, with two additional states set to join this initiative starting in 2026. While most states offer a more substantial 12 weeks, Rhode Island currently provides the least amount of time at just six weeks.

Individuals on TCI in Rhode Island currently receive 60% of their regular salary, a rate lower than that of most states with similar programs. The proposed legislation aims to address this disparity by aligning coverage more closely with neighboring states. Divya Nair, a policy analyst with the Economic Progress Institute, stressed the critical role of paid family leave, stating, “Rhode Islanders deserve expanded paid family leave to properly care for loved ones.”

Senator Lawson and Representative Giraldo contend that beyond individual benefits, expanded parental leave has profound positive impacts on children and society at large. Research indicates that parental leave is associated with increased relationship satisfaction, lower divorce rates, reduced infant mortality, fewer hospital visits, lower childhood obesity rates, improved vaccination rates, enhanced educational outcomes, and increased long-term parental engagement.

These factors also have economic implications, as sicker children require more resources, while healthier and better-educated children have higher lifetime earnings.

Senator Lawson concluded, “This bill is an investment in our workforce and in our children, one that will pay off for generations. A society where people have the time to bond with their babies is a healthier society, in every sense of the word.” The proposed legislation signals a commitment to supporting Rhode Island families and ensuring a healthier and more equitable future.




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