Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott COVID brief

Rhode Island changes counting protocols, sees spike in COVID hospitalizations

New data released by the Rhode Island Department of Health on Thursday shows a  spike in COVID hospitalizations in Rhode Island. The total number of current hospitalizations jumped to 339 from 269, a spike of 26%.*

The new data also shows 374 new positive COVID cases bringing the cumulative statewide total to 8621. 15 new fatalities were also recorded bringing the statewide total to 266.

85 patients are currently in the ICU with 54 on vents.

*RIDOH and hospitals are now using an updated COVID-19 reporting tool. This allows for more streamlined, systematic, electronic submissions. The prior reporting system was developed in the first days of the pandemic in Rhode Island was very labor intensive. It focused on reports and reviews of medical records for patients who are hospitalized because of COVID-19 like illness. The new reporting system will bring consistency to hospitals’ reports. Rhode Island is continuing to develop its systems for tracking and responding to COVID-19, including its data systems, as the scope of the public health emergency has broadened.

Using this new system, there are 339 patients with COVID-19 currently hospitalized in Rhode Island. The historical numbers will be adjusted to fit this new system.