Newport RI
NBC 10 photo

(VIDEO) NBC 10 does Newport coyote story and sees two while they’re filming

So it has been no secret the Aquidneck Island has a bit of a coyote problem population.The issue gained the public’s attention last September when (Senator UGH) Newport City Councilman John Florez gained a death sentence reprieve for local menace cute and cuddly Cliff the Coyote.

Since then, coyote sightings appear to be on the rise. And just last month, Newport Buzz fanged animal/wildlife corespondent Keith “Swans” Santos had an up close and personal view of one of the cat snatchers.

Don’t believe me? Click the video, comrade! (note: hey snow flakes, this is in no way intended to be an endorsement of Donald Trump, it’s just an exhibition of the poor use of the limited words I have ready access to)

Then today the Newport Police Department (shout out to the first responders!) put out a press release warning the citizens of Newport of that Braga Park has become the Empire Coffee of coyote hangouts.

So tonight NBC10’s Brian Crandall (with a jaw bone tailor made to be on America’s Next Top Model) came out to our fair City by the Sea to shed some light on this canis latrans or American Jackal, if you will, that has decided to take up residency in this town better known for its robber barons than its kitten robbers.

And low and behold, they found not one but TWO!

Check it!


So what do we do now? Does that guy who works Ocean Drive have any spare time to come to uptown?

Stay safe folks and keep your small children and pets indoors!

PS – Shout out to Newport icon Betty Reed! The camera loves you, as do we!

PPS – To read what real journalists have to say about the Newport coyotes go here!