Newport Police Launch Coyote Reporting Tool

Newport residents are now able to report coyote sightings and encounters directly from their mobile devices through the City’s 311 ReportIt! Newport app.

With an established population spread across Aquidneck Island, coyote sightings are inevitable throughout Newport. In an effort to better track and respond to complaints, the Newport Police Department is asking residents to report sightings and unusual activity through a link provided on the City’s website at or directly in the ReportIt! Newport app.

Residents may also contact the Newport Police Department at 401-847-1306, or for more immediate attention to an emergency situation by dialing 911.

Police will be specifically looking for reports of the following types of interactions:

Sighting only: A coyote is seen by a member of the public and exhibits “normal” behavior. Normal behavior is when the coyote is fearful of human interaction and leaves the area on its own or continues on its way without any interference from humans. (Online reporting is appropriate for this type of behavior)

Bold behavior with humans: A coyote is reported to be behaving in a bold, brazen way that exhibits no fear of human interaction. Attempts by a human to haze and scare the coyote fail. The coyote may stalk or follow an individual. (Online reporting is appropriate when there is a delay in the reporting. A delay is greater than 15 minutes from observation to the time of reporting. If the report can be made immediately, please call the police department and request the Animal Control Officer or Police Officer to respond)

Active aggressive coyote behavior: A coyote is reported to be actively chasing, attacking or menacing a human or domestic animal. This includes an injured/sick coyote that is unable to leave the area under its own power. (Please Call the Police Department to make a report with the Animal Control Officer or Police Officer for this type of behavior)

For more information about how to deal with a coyote encounter, please visit the Animal Control section of the police department website at




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