Alright, so the Pats vs. Colts didn’t end up in the bloodbath that we were all hoping for but the good guys prevailed, so we’ll take the win.

However, something happened tonight that will most certainly go down in the record books as the worst play call in the history of the NFL.

Can ANYONE explain what the Colts were thinking here? I mean, everyone knows that the folks in the heartland are all into huffing paint fumes and such but is that the explanation? I’m pretty sure that your run of the mill junkie would have called a timeout here when they saw that there was NO WAY this play would work.

It’s almost like The Onion and Monty Python teamed up to create the worst possible play on a football field.

Anyway, here it is…

W…T…F??? Huh????? I’m actually kind of concerned that the Pats didn’t win by a million with that kind of coaching going on.   Oh wait, Chuck Pagnano has an explanation…

Yup. He’s a huffer!

Also, did you see Jamie Collins with the major ups?

Now that’s a throat punch if I’ve ever seen one.

Whatever, the FU tour rolls on next Sunday when we get to stomp on the Jets.

Ho hum…