David Hanos, Newport firefighter, small business owner, and Chair of the Newport School Committee, today announced that he is running for the District 13 Senate seat, Newport and Jamestown. David will be running as a Democrat. David and his wife Teresa are longtime residents of Newport. They have four children – David (23), Caitlyn (21), and twin girls Jordyn (18) and Jillian (18) – all of whom attended public schools in Newport. David also attended Newport schools and graduated from Rogers High School.

“I am running for the Senate because I believe that working together with local leaders we can create 21st century jobs for our children. As a member of the School Committee, I have worked hard to improve our vocational technical training, an area that can provide true working skills for our children. I believe the community recognizes the improvements that we are making in public education, and I am proud to have been part of this success,” said Hanos who was first elected to the School Committee in 2014 and elected Chair in 2016.

David is a 23-year veteran of the Newport Fire Department, holding the rank of Captain. He is also owner of DC Hanos Contracting, LLC, a steel fabrication and repair business that was started by his father in 1971.

Hanos also said he strongly opposes the budget proposal to take $2.6 million in toll revenue and make it general revenue for the state. “The taking of toll revenue, paid by those who cross the bridge, is particularly offensive to the residents of Newport and Jamestown. Tolls are paid with the understanding that they will be used in caring for our bridges, not paying the state’s bills.”

“I am proud to have been raised in Newport and to have been able to raise a family in Newport. I believe I have the experience and ability to work with local and state leaders to move forward with a business-friendly agenda, especially an agenda aimed at helping our small businesses. I also will continue to push for better funding of our educational system, especially in the Newport Area Career and Technical Center at Rogers, that not only benefits Newport but all our surrounding communities. I have been a committed and involved member of our community and look forward to taking this experience to the state house.”

“The residents of District 13 deserve to have someone represent them at the State House that understands the challenges our communities face, and will be a strong voice advocating for policies that benefit our students, our businesses, and our quality of life.”

“I look forward to the upcoming campaign and speaking with residents of Newport and Jamestown about my vision for the future of our communities. And, I want to thank my wife Teresa and our beautiful children for their encouragement and support.”