Originally published September 15, 2015

Chris Papp, property manager for the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation, has a slightly different commute than the rest of us.  Each day, Chris hops in his boat and does the scenic commute from downtown Newport to Rose Island, which is located just south of Newport Bridge.

Well on his commute this morning and again this evening, Chris spotted and incredible and rare site, a pod of dolphins frolicking in the bay.

How was your commute? 🙂

Dolphins Newport Harbor 6

Dolphins Newport Harbor4

Dolphins Newport Harbor 8

Dolphins Newport Harbor 5

Dolphins Newport HarborDolphins rose island

On the commute home.

Dolphins Rose Island

Dolphins Rose Island

Dolphins Rose Island

Dolphins Rose Island

Gansett Cruises has a video!

to see more photos see Chris’s Facebook page

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Oh hey, remember when the beluga whales were spotted in the harbor in May? And at East Greenwich Yacht Club and at Quonsett!