William Kimes has declared his candidacy for Newport City Council At-Large.

Friends and Family:

Along with Anna and the kids, today I filed paperwork to join the crowded field in a run for one of the four at-large seats on Newport’s City Council. I became interested in the opportunity while volunteering over the past few years on the School Building Committee. That work afforded me the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of parents, families, neighbors and city officials in a way I was rarely able to during my twenty-five years as a classroom teacher.

As the months and hours unfolded, it also proved to me that personal political ideology, the inherent lines drawn in the sand, needs no place in our municipal government. We deserve a council that serves all of Newport and I promise to work collectively with the council and city officials to do so.

That starts with a yes vote on the school bond issue before us. But, does not stop there.

We also need to expand our local economy beyond its current tourist base. Seasonal and low wage service jobs, reliant on cruise ships and out of town visitors, are good second and third jobs. They are not sustainable for our families, however. We need to take steps toward expanding economic options for all Newporters. I look forward to exploring options with you this summer and into the fall.

Finally, when Newporters share their stories of prejudice and discrimination, we need a council that responds with kindness and understanding. They are real. All of Newport will be enriched by a contemporary viewpoint on race and class, their impact on access to local government. I will bring that to the council.

I am excited to speak with you more and hear how I might earn your vote of support. Am really looking forward to this summer, celebrating all we have now and starting to get Newport moving forward.

– Kimes for Council