Are you kidding me? Rogers High Thanksgiving Day game cancelled because it’s too cold!

Is this real life? The Rogers High School Thanksgiving Day football game against Tiverton has been “cancelled due to extreme cold conditions,” according to a statement put out by the Newport School Department.

No make up game will be scheduled. The season is officially over for Coach Newsome and the Rogers High Vikings.

Is this even for real? It’s too cold? Oh boo hoo. Get over it! You don’t want to go to the game? Don’t go to the game. You can bet your bottom dollar the kids on the team wanted to play. This is the LAST GAME for the seniors. That’s it. Final game. Most of these kids will never put on the pads again. Their football careers are over. Thanksgiving is the biggest game of the year if you’re not in the playoffs and the Newport School Department just just callously ripped that from these boys!!!

Because it’s COLD???? Oh cry me a river.

Here’s the forecast

I think we can agree and call it sunny and brisk!

Pathetic, stupid, idiotic. Pussification of America at its finest!