Salvation Cafe had HOW MANY No-Show Reservations Last Weekend?

Ok. This is ridiculous! Last weekend (Saturday and Sunday) Salvation Cafe had 120 no-show reservations. One. Hundred. F&cking. Twenty!!!

The OG of the Broadway restaurant scene took to facebook to discuss:

REAL TALK -Last Saturday & Sunday we had 120 Reservation No-Shows which really hurt our feelings and our wallets. Because of that we feel it necessary to take a credit card and charge for No Shows. We hate doing this but we hate empty tables worse.

The good news is you hardly ever need a reservation! Sure 6:30-8pm on Weekends in the summer usually comes with a bit of a wait but what’s the worst that can happen? Have a mojito at the bar, catch up on local gossip and find out if today’s special is all that. Hope to see you all soon xo

Even more infuriating is that our reservation software sends a text the day before and 30 minutes before -both opportunities to hit 9 to cancel- how hard is that??

Come on folks. Be better. It’s literally the push of a damn button to cancel.


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