Mike Cullen Newport School Committee Racist Comment

Newport School Committee Candidate Mike Cullen Posts Racist Comment On Newport Pro-Education Facebook Page

Mike Cullen, a candidate for Newport School Committee and a well known agitator from The Point neighborhood has posted a racist comment on the “Building Newport’s Future” Facebook page. The page is run by a group of parents, students, teachers, Roger’s graduates and community members who support building a new Rogers High School for the children of Newport.

Cullen’s racist comment came in response to a tongue in cheek posting about calamari after Rhode Island’s “Calamari Comeback State” video that was shown Tuesday night at the Democratic National Convention.

The video was met with applause nationwide and has spurred a ton of positive press for Rhode Island.

I’ll leave it to you to make your mind up.

What’s your first thought when seeing this screenshot of the chef from Iggy’s Boardwalk Restaurant in Warwick holding a plate of Calamari? Did you laugh? Maybe chuckle? Or even roll your eyes a bit for the sheer Rhode Islandness of the image?

Not Mike Cullen, the candidate for Newport School Committee, the man who wants to set the educational policy for your children.

Mike Cullen thought this would be a good time to spew racist invective on a PRO-NEWPORT EDUCATION PAGE!!!

Yup. Mike Cullen went there. He took this moment on a PRO-EDUCATION PAGE to spread hate and divisiveness to our children. To our most precious minds, Mike Cullen chose to poison them with racism and hate. Remember that.

Is this who you want setting educational policy for the children of Newport?

PS – His kid went to private school.

PPS – His wife Beth Cullen is running for Newport City Council At-Large.

And in case you were wondering, Jihadi John was a British-Kuwaiti ISIL terrorist who beheaded at least six innocent people on video in 2014 and 2015.


Mr. Cullen has offered an apology on the NextDoor Newport forum.