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When Hillary Clinton takes the podium at Monday night’s first presidential debate, she could be staring down an old romantic rival sitting in the front row.

Gennifer Flowers, who carried on a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas, said she’ll attend the debate at Hofstra University asDonald Trump’s guest, according to Buzzfeed.

“Ms. Flowers has agreed to join Donald at the debate,” her personal assistant Judy Stell wrote in an email to Buzzfeed, the website reported Saturday.

The development grew from a Twitter broadside Trump launched earlier that day.

If dopey Mark Cuban of failed Benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps I will put Gennifer Flowers right alongside of him!

So if anyone was wondering how the first debate between Crooked Hillary and The Donald was going to go, I’d say it’s going to be quite explosive!

What a move! Marc Cuban has been all over Trump this year, killing him on Twitter non stop. So when Hillary announced that Cuban would be sitting front row at the debate, in an obvious attempt to rattle Trump, this is how he responds. Just casually Tweeting that the woman Bill Clinton carried on a TWELVE YEAR AFFAIR with would be sitting front and center as well.

Advantage Trump.

Here’s how things shaped up!

Monday night, 9pm. It’s on!

PS – What if he got Lewinsky as well?

PPS – Live look in at Bill Clinton