Dave Grohl is a badass. He broke his leg yesterday in Sweden and finished the concert!!!

Dave Grohl broke his leg after falling off the stage during the 2nd song of a Foo Fighters’ concert in Gothenburg, Sweden on Friday night and true to form, the Rock God finished the concert anyway.

“Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I love you, but I think I just broke my leg. I really broke my leg,” Grohl told the capacity crowd, before being taken backstage for medical treatment. When Grohl returned he jumped right back into things saying “I may not be able to walk or run but I can still play guitar and scream.”

Skip to :30 to see the fall!

Hmm, that totally looks like it could have hurt.

Here’s Dave right after the leg break.

When he returned he had a cast on but seemed ok.

So did he REALLY break his leg?

Oooooohhhh, wow. Yep, that’s a break. Ouch!!!

Dave Grohl, American Badass!!!

Dave Grohl Leg Break