Former Newport Mayor Richard Sardella has weighed in on the tenure of current Newport Mayor Jamie Bova. Sardella has focussed specifically on Mayor Bova being “very open” to removing the Columbus statue from the intersection at Bellevue Avenue and Memorial Boulevard.

Everything Ms Bova does is a knee jerk reaction and this proposal is another example. I certainly will not standby quietly and have the Columbus statue removed. People can debate whether or not Columbus was a decent person, that’s not the point.

The Italian American Community of Aquidneck Island spent 20 years raising the funds to have the statue built. It is, to many of us, a symbol of our heritage. We are fortunate to live in a community that comes together and celebrates all of the different ethnic groups.

Ms. Bova and her three cronies (Susan Taylor, Justin McLaughlin & Angela McCalla) are not deserving to represent this fine City. Just look at some of their recent resolutions:

Ban hate speech? You should have learned from your family that hate in any form is unacceptable. They mandated that all City employees must be trained on hate. I guess they feel that all of our employees are racist.

They mandated the wearing of face masks on certain streets. It is a good idea but who is enforcing it?

Ms. Bova and Susan Taylor did a photo op in front of City Hall. Why don’t these two set up shop on Thames Street and tell people to wear masks? They don’t have the courage to do that.

Please join me and saying enough is enough. Keep the Columbus statue on Memorial Boulevard.

There are some good people running for the Newport City Council this year. Get out (or by mail) and vote. It’s time for the child mayor to go.

– Richard Sardella, former Mayor of Newport, RI