Genesis Center Receives Federal Funding to Expand Health Care Workforce Training Programs

As the demand for skilled professionals in the healthcare sector continues to rise, the Genesis Center (GC) in Providence is taking proactive steps to bolster and enhance their health care workforce training initiatives.

U.S. Senator Jack Reed, accompanied by GC President & CEO Shannon Carroll and actively enrolled students, announced today the allocation of a $263,000 federal earmark to enhance training for certified nursing assistants (CNA), medical assistants, dental assistants, pharmacy technicians, and other entry-level health care professionals.

Senator Reed, a senior member of the Appropriations Committee, emphasized the critical role of the Genesis Center in preparing individuals for the workforce and addressing the shortage of healthcare professionals both locally and nationally. He highlighted the significance of the earmark in providing resources for hands-on experience and learning opportunities under the guidance of experienced healthcare professionals.

The federal earmark, secured by Senator Reed in the fiscal year 2023 appropriations law, will facilitate the expansion of GC’s workforce development programs. The funding will be utilized to acquire new clinical equipment, upgrade technology infrastructure, and adapt programs to accommodate the growing demand for healthcare professionals.

Shannon Carroll, President & CEO of Genesis Center, expressed gratitude for the funding, recognizing it as a testament to the potential of community members to contribute meaningfully to the care economy. She emphasized the importance of cultural and linguistic competencies in diversifying and strengthening the healthcare workforce.

With increasing demand for adult education programs, GC has witnessed a surge in enrollment from individuals seeking to acquire new skills and meet the demands of employers. The funding will enable GC to enhance classroom spaces to simulate clinical settings, providing students with hands-on learning experiences to better prepare them for their future roles.

Additionally, technology upgrades, including the acquisition of new servers, WiFi hotspots, and laptops, will facilitate hybrid class formats and expand GC’s reach across the state, ensuring broader access to training opportunities.

Senator Reed has been a leading advocate for strengthening adult education programs, particularly in high-demand fields such as healthcare. He has authored bipartisan legislation aimed at improving adult education programs and expanding access to in-demand skills and job opportunities.

Established in 1982, the Genesis Center has been committed to providing essential educational, occupational, and supportive services to Rhode Island’s most vulnerable adults and children.

Rhode Islanders interested in learning more about or applying for Genesis Center’s healthcare workforce training programs can visit or call 401-781-6110.




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