Sardella Holder

Letter: Please join me in supporting Charlie Holder

On Nov. 3rd we will cast our vote in what has been billed as an historic election. Many of us will cast our vote by mail due to the ongoing pandemic. Whichever way you choose to vote, it is important that you vote.

Locally we will be voting for City Council and School Committee candidates. A lot is at stake in this election. Do you support the school bond? Do you think the council needs a new direction?

Having spent nine years on the council and five as mayor, I have a good idea of what it takes to be an effective councilor. Dedication, long hours, willingness to listen to competing sides are a few of the qualities.

As a resident of the 2nd Ward, I want a councilor who has these qualities and more. That’s why I am supporting Charlie Holder.

Charlie is bright, energetic and knowledgeable about the issues that are facing our city in the years ahead.

Charlie has worked in the hospitality industry most of his career and knows how to balance the needs of business with those of our residents.

Charlie will be an asset to our City Council.

I hope you agree and will join me in supporting Charlie Holder.

– Richard Sardella, Former Mayor of Newport