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Letter to the Editor: We need to vote for a cannabis dispensary in Newport

Dear Newport Residents,

On Nov 8th you will be asked to vote on a cannabis dispensary in the city. Understandably, feelings are mixed. With the new law passed by the state, Newport will be allowed to partake in the tax revenue from a dispensary. 3% to be exact. One candidate for city council said: “I don’t care if the stoners go to Fall River to get their weed,” so please don’t even go to another city in our state but go across state lines to give them tax revenue but also break the law in the process.

Here’s why we need to vote for the dispensary. 1. Tax Revenue. 2. Safety (do you want young adults buying possibly fentanyl tainted cannabis or do you want product that has passed all the tests?) I understand the location is important and that can be worked out (lots of places not close to churches, schools, playgrounds etc) 3. Having our state be on the cutting edge of cannabis.

Octavius Prince
Newport, RI



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