(PODCAST) That Newport Show: Newport Shipyard and the Charter Yacht Show 2018

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A weekly podcast recorded in Newport, Rhode Island, America’s favorite city by the sea. The show is about love, life, adventure and discovering happiness – wherever you call home. You don’t have to live here to love it!

What’s going on at Newport Shipyard this summer? Veronica Brown, the Shipyard’s marketing manager is great at articulating exactly what makes NSY such a key player in the Newport boating community.

One of the Shipyard’s big events of the year is the Newport Charter Yacht Show. This is an event where yacht owners and brokers showcase luxury vessels that are available for both short- and long-term charters. This will be our third year covering the show, and it is a favorite for a number of reasons, not the least of which is how deep the layers of service and hospitality go in this industry.

Listen in to find out how this harbor-front hub can be a part of your travel plans this year.

Plus, the Newport Bermuda Race starts Friday (June 15, 2018). Watching the race start is free!

The race starts close to land, and there are a lot of shoreside spots available to the public so you can enjoy the excitement. The northern end of Fort Adams State Park is great for watching the boats (171 of them!) depart Newport Harbor. Other great spots for spectating are the west side of Fort Adams and Brenton Point State Park, or Fort Wetherill and Beavertail State Park in Jamestown.

“The starting line itself will be located between a yellow buoy near Castle Hill Light and a staff displaying a flag aboard Whitehawk which will be anchored near mid‐channel.”

Keep in mind that Castle Hill does charge for parking, but it’s a pretty spectacular place to watch this whole shindig go down. According to the official race website, if the weather cooperates, the race start will last about two hours.

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This week’s sponsors: Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina and our media partner, The Newport Buzz.

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Music: Bensound

Photo: Steven Cloutier, courtesy of Newport Shipyard.


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