Raimondo COVID update

Raimondo Reveals State’s Modeling Data & Town by Town Breakdown of COVID in Rhode Island

Governor Gina Raimondo today announced that Rhode Island has 309 new cases of COVID-19. This brings Rhode Island’s count to 3838. RIDOH also announced 18 additional COVID-19 associated fatalities bringing the total fatalities to 105

All 18 fatalities were nursing home residents. The age breakdown for these 18 people was as follows: 7 people in their 70s, 7 in their 80s and 4 in their 90s

There are currently 245 in the hospital, 61 in the ICU, 43 on vents and 182 people have been discharged from the hospital.

Governor Raimondo has revealed the state’s current modeling data for projecting hospitalizations.

Blue line=best estimate of what our experience will be in next few weeks. Assumes all of current restrictions are in place, and we’re doing a pretty good job – but not a great job – with social distancing. In this scenario, peak around 5/3, and need about 2,250 hospital beds.

Red line=what could happen if we don’t take social distancing as seriously. Peak comes sooner – 4/27, and it’s much higher. We’ll need 4,300 hospital beds. 

“Right now, I’m reasonably confident this isn’t going to be our actual experience,” said Raimondo. “But we have to be mindful that we could.”

Critical that everyone comply with social distancing. That’s the single most important thing you can do. If every Rhode Islander complied with social distancing, our peak would be much lower than the blue line. And if we did nothing at all – our peak would be much higher than the red line.

The blue line represents 2120 deaths through the end of October and the red line represents 4015 deaths through the end of October.

Projected Hospitalizations