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Rhode Island Sees Record Numbers of Voters in 2020 Presidential Election

The State of Rhode Island saw a record number of citizens cast ballots in the 2020 Presidential Election. Turnout data showed a huge surge of mail ballots and early voters while election day voting was fairly slow with little to no lines at polling locations around the state.

Rhode Island saw 487,514 voters in 2020 compared to 469,589 in 2016.

Mail ballots accounted for 34.7% with 164,509 votes, early voting accounted for 30.7% with 149,546 votes. In-person election day voting was 35.6% of the total with 173,459 votes.

While 2020 saw a record numbers of voters, 2020 wasn’t the highest voter turnout percentage. In the 1988 Presidential Election between George HW Bush and Michael Dukakis, Rhode Island saw a record voter turnout percentage of 79%.