mike smith

Smith calls Carson out on 38 Studios flip-flop

In reaction to a recent press release from freshman District 75 Representative Lauren Carson, Independent challenger Mike Smith said he was astounded that Carson would try to such an egregious act of deceit on the voters of District 75.

“She must think the taxpayers of District 75 are fools to believe that after she has spent months doing everything she could to prevent the public from learning “who knew what and when and who did what and when” surrounding this scandal that they will now see this Johnny come lately act as anything other than what it is: an attempted con of the voters.” Stated Smith.

“But I have news for Ms Carson. The people of District 75 have been watching her every action. To that end, I challenge her to explain to the people why, as a member of the powerful House Oversight Committee, which was charged with investigating this issue, she literally did nothing to press for any information to be released, nor did she challenge Committee chairwoman Pat Serpa when she stopped its investigation into the matter, stating it was time to move on from the issue.

“Then on June 15th of this year she actually voted against the bill that called for the appointment of an independent investigator to could get to the bottom of this issue.” Smith continued: “But once you understand who controls her votes it all makes sense. In both instances she was following the orders of the Speaker instead of the wishes of her constituents.

“Now that the session is over and the heat is increasing via the recent Change.org petition calling for Governor Raimondo to authorize the release of the information, which I signed onto days ago, she is trying to make herself out to be in favor of releasing information which she has been actively working to keep covered up.”

“This type of purposefully deceitful behavior from my opponent is exactly the type of actions that created scandals like 38 Studios. She has not taken a single independent action to help Rhode Islanders heal from this debacle. All she has done has been to play follow the Leader. She has not made a single move on this issue without his approval or permission, including this most recent one.”

“Unfortunately for Ms. Carson she is about to learn on November 8 th that she can not simply give lip service to reform and expect to get re-elected. Lip service is not only a disservice, it is hypocrisy at is worst.” Concluded Smith