General Michael Flynn Flag Stolen

The case of the stolen Trump flag from Gen. Flynn’s house was literally a False Flag Operation

So it appears that the case of the stolen “Troops for Trump” flag from General Flynn’s Middletown home last Friday night is literally a False Flag Operation.

Last Saturday, General Flynn’s wife, Lori, posted this to NextDoor.

General Flynn Flag Stolen

On Thursday, Olga Enger from Newport This Week got to the bottom of the “heist”.

Enger spoke with Middletown Police Captain Jason Ryan who said, “The flag was not stolen and video was not captured for the incident,” in direct opposition to the claim made by Mrs. Flynn.

When police became aware of the post, according to Newport This Week, an officer responded to the Flynn household on Tuckerman Avenue. A family member told the officer a “troops for Trump” flag had been removed and thrown on the ground at some point between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. the previous evening.

Why embellish/make up the story and why say you had video of it when you didn’t? 

Read the entire Newport This Week story HERE.

Last Friday, Twitter permanently banned General Flynn’s account for sharing QAnon conspiracy stories.


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