VIDEO: Newport Police Shut Down Children’s Lemonade Stand On Cliff Walk

The Newport Police Department shut down a lemonade stand Sunday run by children on Newport’s famed Cliff Walk. The children were there for 35 minutes before the police shut down the lemonade stand that was giving away the lemonade for free and accepting tips.

In the video, the officer apologizes to the children and refers to a Newport City Ordinance that was passed at the behest of the Cliff Walk Commission in an effort to keep the Cliff Walk commercial free. Apparently last summer a woman from Coventry set up a business on the Cliff Walk selling chips, drinks, food etc… And this is why we can’t have nice things.

Here’s the video from Sunday which was obtained exclusively by Newport Buzz.

In response, Mayor Harry Winthrop met with the children at Newport City Hall where they presented possible solutions to preserve non commercial lemonade stands. After a very fruitful conversation, Mayor Winthrop invited them to present their ideas to the Cliff Walk Commission on September 28th.