Well it seems that everyone’s favorite murdering tight end is still a prolific prison scribe. In this latest installment of “What crazy shit did Aaron write this time,” we find out that Aaron has plenty of time to watch every Patriots game, he loves Tom Brady and Gronk and hates Bob Kraft.

Hernandez writes:

“…I actually could watch TV and the games; I have a TV in my cell! And yes I still root for my squad and still love all the ones I loved. The closest I was with was probably [Tom] Brady [and] whom I love to death and always will and only hope the best for them. But was cool with Julez [Edelman], [Deion] Branch (I fucked with and got mad love for) and ‘the BEST TE ever to walk on a football field’ Gronk!”

But he doesn’t have the same love for Mr. Kraft:

“…fake ass non loyal Kraft who told me he loved me every time he seen me but obviously shows his word ain’t shit…”

He does have some interesting advice for his female pen pal though.

“Tie a cinderblock to your ankles and jump in a deep body of water,” Hernandez writes.

He then suggests,”make a noose, tie it from the railing of a second level staircase, put your neck through it, make sure it’s very tight and jump!”

But his preferred method involves fireworks “Buy the most powerful firecracker in the world that’s possible to buy, tie it to your face with duct tape, light it and wait for your head to explode.”

It seems prison is is doing wonders to calm his homicidal rage. 🙂

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Aaron Hernandez