(Video) Newport Firefighters Fight 3-Alarm Fire Behind Newport Playhouse

At approximately 4:59 PM, both Station 1 and Station 5 were dispatched to the rear of 102 Connell Highway, Newport Playhouse, following reports of a brush fire. Newport Car 2 alerted of “smoke showing” from Farewell Street at 5:02 PM. Upon arrival at the scene, Car 2 confirmed a working fire and established “Playhouse Command” due to the fire’s significant size, prompting the transmission of a First Alarm.

By 5:07 PM, as the situation intensified, Command requested a 2nd Alarm, urging additional companies to join the firefighting efforts. Newport Police raised concerns about a potential house exposure on 203 Third Street at 5:10 PM, leading to the initiation of a 3rd Alarm to cover the entirety of Newport city. As part of the strategic response, Station 1 was directed to the J.T. Connell Highway area, while Engine 5 and Engine 4 were tasked with accessing Dyers Gate on Third Street.

With the fire proving formidable, Car 2 expanded the First Alarm to include all remaining Newport apparatus and assets from Nay Fire. Multiple handlines and two Ladder Towers were deployed, alongside the utilization of Master streams to combat the blaze effectively. The Newport Fire Department maintained dual Incident Command Deputy Chiefs overseeing operations from Connell Highway and Third Street.

The magnitude of the incident prompted a collaborative response, with fire apparatus from various neighboring areas including Newport Naval Station, Narragansett, North Kingstown, Portsmouth, Middletown, Jamestown, and Tiverton converging at the scene. Some companies were assigned to provide citywide coverage.

At 6:47 PM, Car 2 declared the fire “under control,” with the Newport Fire Marshal summoned to assess the scene. While the swift and coordinated efforts of the Newport Fire Department successfully contained the blaze, comments from a neighbor to Newport Buzz suggest that the fire may have been ignited by individuals lighting firecrackers on nearby train tracks.

Gratitude pours in for the Newport Fire and Police Departments for their prompt response to today’s fire. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and the diligent actions of our first responders ensured the protection of local residences and businesses. Further investigations into the fire’s cause are underway.

Stay tuned for updates.



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